Reconnect, Rebuild, and Grow Together.


Change the stressful patterns in your relationship for a different and better future.

If you’ve been struggling to repair your
relationship… get closer… or just get some
peace, read on.

Have you been

  • Criticized, blamed, or taken for granted
  • That you’re walking on eggshells around your partner
  • That things aren’t getting better, despite your best efforts
  • Like there are walls up between you
  • Worried about your future together
  • That you’re more like roommates than a couple
  • That you’re sacrificing to keep the peace
  • Not heard or understood
You are not alone. These feelings happen often, and is what
relationship therapy can help you with.
happy smiling couples after couples therapy

Do you want to feel…

  • A growing emotional connection in your relationship
  • Heard, understood, and valued in a deeper way
  • That you can see things getting better
  • That you can be fully yourself and at ease together
  • That you are really there for each other
  • That you’re sharing your lives, not just living together
We’re dedicated to helping you get there.
To get on your own path starting from how things are now, to the kind of connection you both deserve.
Daniel Snow is a therapist in Fairfield, CT

Start connecting for a better future.

It can be a real struggle to try to make your relationship better on your own. I’m Daniel Snow, and my practice is dedicated to Relationship Therapy. To help people have better ways to understand and enjoy each other. To take collective wisdom, research, and best practices in helping relationships and share them in the most needed way for each couple. To share with you skills that couples therapists use themselves and ways to get lasting benefits for the long term.

Relationship Therapy is about helping people feel connected to each other. To have new ways to make a better future together.

Are you ready to learn:

  • How to stop the hurtful traps and patterns
  • How to repair and keep building connection
  • How you both can feel listened to, understood, and appreciated
  • How to deal with emotional ‘triggers’ and blocks to become emotionally closer
  • How to say what you want and need without triggering conflict or defensiveness
  • How to keep good will flowing between you and your partner

These are just some of the tools we cover
in couples therapy and individual
relationship therapy.

Relationship therapy in Fairfield, CT

Insurance Accepted.

 This practice is in network with Cigna / Evernorth, Aetna, Medicare, and Medicaid / Husky.

Out of network coverage may also be available. Please call 203 858-3605 for more information.

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