Take control
of anxiety.

Serving CT and NY. Online and in person

Do You…

  • Avoid certain places or situations?
  • Find it hard to ‘turn the brain off’, trying to fall asleep?
  • Have troubling, intrusive thoughts?
  • Rely on a prescription, or self-medicate to get some relief?
  • Get anxious and self-conscious in social situations?
  • Feel that the anxiety is ‘free floating’- always there in the background?
  • Feel anxious or panic ‘out of the blue’?

If any of this is all too familiar to you, there is help for you here.

Anxiety is like a runaway train.

Anxiety has a momentum all its own. It often starts with a thought of “what if…” — and bad scenarios follow. The more you think about it, the worse it can get. And, if you try to push those thoughts away, they just pop right back, uninvited. It can feel like there’s no way to win. People often feel discouraged, even depressed, when relief doesn’t come, despite their best efforts.

Evidence-based anxiety therapy helps free people from the grip that anxiety has over them.

Evidence-based anxiety therapy is grounded in approaches proven effective by many studies. Where anxiety narrows down the possibilities and options in life, anxiety therapy restores our freedom, choice and power. It’s considered the ‘gold standard’ for treatment.

Get back to feeling yourself. It may be that anxiety has been a constant, unwanted companion for a long time, but it doesn’t have to mean that you’re stuck with it. Then, it’s you calling the shots, not the anxiety. Get back to being reengaged with life instead of living in a limited world. You deserve to live fully, doing things that attract and excite you. Free to make new choices and decisions. And to know that your future can be better than your past.