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Most of us are busier than ever. Online therapy removes the hassle of drive time, getting stuck in traffic, dealing with the weather, or interfering with other plans. It’s also comfortable since you’re in your own environment. So, no matter where you are, quality therapy is accessible and convenient.

Online therapy is a good option for those who are too far away. It is also an essential service when health conditions call for it. And because it’s more accessible, research also shows that people are more likely to get the help they wouldn’t otherwise.

Advantages of online therapy:

Couples: Online therapy lets couples have much-needed flexibility. It can eliminate the need for a babysitter or needing separate cars. It also allows couples to have sessions from two different locations.

Privacy: We use a HIPAA-compliant encrypted telehealth platform, the same that hospitals use. Sessions are not recorded
or stored in the cloud.

Insurance: Telehealth is increasingly covered by insurance. Please check with your insurance carrier to see if you are covered.

Easy to use: You can have a session on most devices (Android or Apple). You do not need to download anything- just click on the invitation sent to your email or texted to you. Couples can have a meeting invitation sent to each, as needed.

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