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For couples 50+

You worked so hard for this time to enjoy life together.
But now, it’s nothing like what you thought it would be.

Problems that were put on the backburner now show themselves.

For years, you’ve been looking forward to a new chapter in your lives together. To enjoy more time to be together and do the things together that you’ve always wanted. But after all this time, you may find that you have little in common.

The things you had in common have changed, because you both have changed.

Differences that were overlooked when you had more separate time can become a source of frustration and tension. These include lifestyle differences, such as whether to be more active or laid back, where to live, or when to retire.

Conversations about important things go nowhere, or never happen.

One or both of you may be worried about the health and habits of the other—and attempts at conversations can become arguments that go nowhere. You may feel like your partner always wants to occupy themselves with something else instead of being together. Or that you don’t have real time to yourself.

After years of quietly drifting apart, you might even feel more alone than ever.

Over time, you both have changed. You find that you don’t know each other the way you used to. Emotional and physical connection fades, and you don’t know if it can come back. You might be wondering if this is all there is. And you might feel that your only choice is to either settle for how things are or to take a more drastic step.

Get help building a better life together.

At Evergreen Relationship Therapy, we understand the unique challenges that long-term couples face.

We can help you rediscover and reconnect with each other.
So that you can enjoy each other and have a more rewarding life together.

To help make that happen, we can identify and name the changes you need to move forward. Focusing on what’s most important to each of you, you get on a path together to things getting better. In addition to working through the “problem areas,” we will build on your strengths, wishes, and hopes going forward.

Couples therapy for long-term relationships helps to:

  • Restore feelings of connection- possibly more deeply than they’ve been.
  • Learn each other’s hopes, wishes, and dreams- your vision of how you want your lives to be.
  • Have new ways to hear and respond to each other’s suggestions, needs, and preferences.
  • Discuss sensitive topics without escalating- such as health concerns for each other or finances.
  • Identify and change patterns that push you apart- and leave you feeling alone.
  • Have regular, meaningful communication- so that each of you feels understood and valued.
  • Be able to talk about worries and concerns openly, find solutions where possible, and feel that you’re in it together.
  • Deal together with life challenges- such as health issues, aging parents, or adult children.