Couples Therapy

Build a better life. Together.

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Is your relationship stuck?

You may feel lonely in your relationship. You might feel like you’re more in a practical arrangement than enjoying the connection you want and deserve.

You may be dealing with constant fights, and it gets exhausting. It can feel like a never-ending cycle, with problems being swept under the rug to get temporary relief.

There may have been a break in trust- making you wonder if it can ever be repaired.

You may feel that emotional and physical intimacy wind up on the back burner while trying to meet all the demands of everyday life.

And you may be feeling… not really heard, understood, or essential to your partner.

If any of this sounds familiar, we can help.


How couples therapy can help.

At Evergreen Relationship Therapy of Southport, CT, we can identify and change the core patterns that cause distance, pain, and misunderstanding between you. You learn how to get more connected and more comfortable with each other.

Through therapy, you can become better equipped to iron out differences and recover from fights when they do happen. You each need and deserve affection, appreciation, and having your feelings accepted and honored.

Couples therapy helps to:

  • Deal with subjects that cause ongoing tension, like finances or parenting.
  • Prevent feelings of hurt, loneliness, anger, or resentment from building up.
  • Start to rebuild trust when it’s been broken, and begin to repair together.
  • Enter into each other’s world- the challenges, stress, hopes, and joys-in a way that builds empathy, goodwill, and appreciation.
  • Stop damaging fights or the ‘cold shoulder’ treatment.
  • Change misunderstandings into a chance for better connection.
  • Feel that you’re ‘in it together’– able to stand up to the demands of daily life, from raising children to retirement.

What couples therapy is like

It’s not unusual for people to have concerns about couples therapy.

Some worry that the therapist will take sides. Or that they’ll be pressured to say things they’re not comfortable with. Others are concerned that sessions could turn into free-for-all fights- or that they’ll have to stuff down what they really think and feel to prevent that from happening.

Here’s what happens at Evergreen Relationship Therapy. Nothing is more important than you both feeling in good hands, with a solid understanding of what’s most important to each and both of you.

We identify together what needs to change to make this experience a success for you as a couple. Expect sessions to be focused and offer skills and experiences that target not just problems, but also each of your wishes and hopes for your relationship going forward.

What makes this different is that it doesn’t rely on just one mode of therapy. Instead, we take the most powerful, common denominators proven to help couples from across a wide band of approaches. These are then applied to those areas of your relationship that you both agree need strengthening, reinventing, or repair.

“Love doesn’t just sit there,
like a stone, it has to be made, like bread;
re-made all the time, made new.”

– Ursula K. Le Guin