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Did you know that 50 percent of marriages in the US end in divorce? The number is increasing year after year.

What’s worse is that millions of marriages fail but don’t end in divorce.

People get married with pure intentions to be together and make it work. Unfortunately, only a few know how to save a failing marriage when things get tough.

If your marriage is currently shaky, the thought of divorce can be scary. It doesn’t have to get there. You can save your marriage if you know what to do.

In this article, we give a few tips on saving a failing marriage.

How To Save A Failing Marriage

Marriage problems can be daunting to solve. In the worst scenarios, the problems can end your marriage.

Evergreen Relationship Therapy suggests these nine ways of saving a marriage.

1) Recognize You Have A Problem

Everyone has problems. But as a married couple, you are expected to resolve your problems. You cannot ignore them.

If your marriage is on the rocks, it is best to recognize the problems early enough before it gets too late. Marriage issues like finances, boundaries, and lack of sexual intimacy are common.

Whichever the problem, if you recognize it early, you can solve it. For instance, if you are unhappy with the quality of your sex life, acknowledge it and solve it. It prevents bigger problems like cheating.

2) Take Responsibility

Learn to take responsibility for the part you played in a situation.

People take responsibility because they want to fix what is broken. It will help you stop blaming others for how things are going in your lives. Blame often stems from feeling powerless.

Taking responsibility means not making excuses. It gives you an arch to be accountable and proactive in making things better.

3) Go For Therapy

People have been using couples therapy to solve their relationship problems for years.

Couples therapy is a great way to get past the hard times and grow closer together. Therapy saves a failing marriage by pinpointing the root cause of your problems. It also helps you identify how you can work together to build a better relationship.

Therapy encourages openness and discussion. It helps both partners understand their behavior.

Couples therapy is scientifically proven to be effective.

4) Take A Vacation

For many, a vacation reduces everyday stress. It is relaxing and allows people to escape work pressures and daily life. Vacations can also improve your relationship.

A recent study found that holidays are effective in building relationship bonds. During vacations, couples have more frequent sexual encounters, better communication, and improved moods.

During vacations, you can talk about things you may not usually discuss. You also get to know each other on a deeper level.

5) Communicate Effectively

There are many different ways to communicate: words, actions, and body language. Words carry more weight than any other form of communication. Even if you’re using your words to say something positive or uplifting, negative body language can negate the good.

Fifty-three percent of marriages end in divorce for reasons related to miscommunication. Unfortunately, not many couples know how to communicate effectively. To communicate effectively, you need to be completely honest with your spouse.

Effective communication is how to save a failing marriage.

6) Be Willing To Compromise

If both partners refuse to compromise, it’s going to be a long and painful road. Everyone has to give up something to make a marriage work. The problem is that people are stubborn and prideful.

The best marriages aren’t the ones without any arguments. They’re the ones where both partners know how to compromise.

If you can learn to compromise early on, you will avoid many arguments.

If one partner always imposes their will on the other, the relationship will fail. As each of you has a different set of expectations. Both of you must learn how to make things work despite differing wants.

7) Set Aside Time For Each Other

How much time do you spend together these days? If you are like most couples, it’s probably not enough.

In marriage, it may feel like there is nothing new to share with your spouse. Many partners lead busy lives. It makes it hard to carve out the time to sit down and talk.

You need to set a special time regularly to connect with your spouse. Find activities to do together. Schedule vacations, dates, picnics, or walks.

8) Date Each Other Again

Couples who stay together for a long time forget to keep the relationship fresh. They become complacent and start taking each other for granted.

No one is saying you need to wine and dine your spouse every day. However, it is essential to make your partner feel special every once in a while.

When you do something nice for your spouse, they appreciate it. It makes them want to do something nice for you. This keeps the relationship fresh.

Dating keeps you on your toes to express love and affection to your partner.

9) Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparison leads to despair, which can lead to divorce. There are times when we compare our marriage with others, and that’s ok.

It’s not the act of comparison. It’s what we do with that information that matters most. Sometimes people need to compare their marriages to gain insight into their problems. There are good reasons to compare your marriage with others.

Know where to draw the line in comparison. It will help you avoid unnecessary pressure and expectations.

Save Your Struggling Marriage Today

A successful marriage requires collaboration between partners. With effective communication and problem-solving strategies, couples can address any marriage issues.

Don’t wait for things to get out of hand to begin saving a marriage. You can implement the above strategy even when things are right.

Initiatives like marriage counseling don’t have to be for failing marriages. You can initiate them from early on.

Evergreen Relationship Therapy is dedicated to helping you improve your relationships. We help you learn how to save a failing marriage. Contact us today for couple’s therapy services.